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Saturday, March 5, 2011

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Tim - Love Is...

1. 내 마음 사용 설명서 (Explanation for Using My Heart)
2. 고마운 기적 (Thankful Miracle)
3. 혼잣말 (Soliloquy)
4. 내 안의 전쟁 (The War Inside Me)
5. 사랑한 만큼 (As Much As I Love)
6. Serendipity
7. 소망 상자 (Wish List)
8. 애착 (Affection)
9. 후회하지 않아요 (I Don't Regret It)
10. 그댄 나에게 (You Are To Me)
11. 즐거운 인생 (Wonderful Life) feat. Son Ho Young, Danny Jung
12. Walk On Water

To download the full album, please click below:
Download Full Album Tim - Love Is...


  1. Thank You very much.... Love Tim Love his voice ^^

  2. @PomSan

    yeah, his voice is great..
    thanks for visit my blog...come back again.... ^^


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