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Friday, June 1, 2012

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Kim Jong Kook - Evolution Album

01. 돌아와 (Dorawa) [Come Back]
02. 용서해 기억해 (Yongseohae Gieokhae) [Forgive And Remember]
03. 니가 원한 이별 (Niga Wonhan Ibyeor) [The Parting You Want]
04. Feeling
05. 슬픈 바램 (Seulpeun Baraem) [Fading Sadness]
06. 한 남자 (Han Namja) [One Man]
07. 중독 (Jungdog) [Addiction]
08. 그래요...그래도... (Geuraeyo... Geuraedo...) [That's Right... But...]
09. Broken Heart
10. 하루만 (Haruman) [Only One Day]
11. 태양 가득히 (Taeyang Gadeukhi) [The Full Sun]
12. Tonight
13. 용서 (Yongseo) [Forgiveness]
14. 그대가 잠든 사이 (Geudaega Jamdeun Sai) [While You Were Sleeping]

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